Over the years I've completed many projects and as a subcontractor I've worked indirectly for some quite well known clients, including Williams F1 Racing, Orange, EE and T-mobile.

Previously I used to develop a fair number of on-line shops, bespoke solutions for all manner of retailers that also wished to sell on-line. There are now many "off the shelf" solutions available for content management with e-commerce plug-ins and there is less demand.

More recently I have been working on more unusual and challenging projects for which there aren't ready made solutions.

Case Studies


Scrubbish is a wheelie bin cleaning service based in Hertfordshire. Having invested in good cleaning equipment Scrubbish found that while they could carry out the cleaning operation quickly and efficiently, they were struggling to keep track of all their customers and to collect payments.

Working with Scrubbish I developed a system that stores all their customer information and shows their location on a map such that they can be checked off once their bins have been cleaned. In addition, customers are billed by direct debit only when their bins have been cleaned. Prior to development of the system, Scrubbish were able to clean up to 80 bins per day, now they can clean up to 200, greatly increasing their turnover.


RiverStar Farms

RiverStar Farms supply produce and goods to schools for students to sell in order to raise funds for schools projects.

While there are some similarities to other on-line retail operations, there are significant differences such that an off the shelf solution wasn't really suitable and they would need something tailor made for their requirements.

One of the challenges was to create the numerous reports required for them to track their inventory, orders and sales.


Dent Direct

In addition to the more complex sites requiring databases and a great deal of coding, I also build more straight forwards sites. Dent Direct provide a service to remove dents from vehicle bodywork.

They needed a site to advertise their services which was mobile device friendly and also allowed potential customers to upload and send photos to them so that they could assess the suitability for repair and give a quote.



Scrubbish - screen


RiverStar - screen

RiverStar Farms

Dent Direct - screen

Dent Direct