I provide a range of web site design, database development and programming solutions for both other web site designers and directly to clients. I welcome projects of all sizes, whether it's resolving a specific problem you are having with a single web page, or developing an entire site from the ground up.

Web site development

If you require I can develop an entire site to your specifications. I'm familiar with all aspects of site design , use of CSS, JavaScript, search engine optimisation and browser compatibility issues.

PHP and JavaScript programming

I've used PHP and JavaScript extensively to produce feature rich web sites for a wide range of applications.

Previous projects I have completed include:

  • Data driven mapping
  • Stock and inventory management
  • Custom shopping carts
  • Database search functions
  • Content management systems
  • E-commerce and payment gateway integration
  • File, image and document upload and management

ASP programming

If you have a legacy system and need a fix, I am also familiar with classic ASP or VBScript.

Database development

I can design and develop databases for MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server to integrate with your web site.

Benefits & Assurances

Cost effective

We've all been there, you've quoted for a job, but some way in you realise that the task is larger and more complex than you originally imagined. You could struggle on, but the job might take much longer than you anticipated and possibly hold up other jobs you have in the pipeline or cause you to miss a deadline. Alternatively you could out-source a portion of the project to me. My hourly rate is very reasonable and I can take some of the pressure off you and free you up to work on other projects.

Increased flexibility

Do you have a flair for design, but not so much for coding? You need never turn down a project for fear of not being able to complete the project. Focus on the parts of the project you enjoy, outsource the parts you don't have the time or the inclination to complete.

Over the years I've worked with a number of other web site designers on a fairly regular basis. Allowing them to design web sites for which I then complete the "back end", developing the database and the dynamic portions of the project.

The portion of a project you out-source to me is entirely your decision and can be anything from sorting some problem code on a few pages to developing an entire site from the ground up to your design and specification.